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Founded in July 2016 by David Sutton, F&S Surveying Services is a family-run business that brings over three decades of surveying experience to our clients.

Operating across Yorkshire and the Humber, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and reliable services.

We are committed to providing exceptional high standards when it comes to our work and our dedication to quality and attention to detail has earned us a strong reputation as a trusted provider of surveying services in Yorkshire and the Humber.

If you are seeking accurate and reliable surveying services, you can trust us to ensure the success of your next projects.

Our Story

F&S in Numbers

Years Experience


Projects Completed


Services Available


How We Work

We kick off every project with a consultation to understand your project goals. We'll dive into your objectives, site details, and any particular challenges or concerns you might have. This initial chat helps us assess the complexity of your project and tailor our services accordingly.

Project Consultation

Step 1

With a clear understanding of your project we map out the survey methodology and choose the right equipment for the job. We'll carefully consider your project's specific requirements, such as the size and topography of the site, and the accuracy needed for your desired outcome.

Detailed Survey Planning

Step 2

With a detailed plan in place, we carefully gather the data and measurements with precision. We employ the latest technology and techniques to guarantee accurate and consistent results. Once the data is gathered, we process 

and analyse it to create informative reports.

Data & Reports Delivery

Step 3

From Drone Surveys to Topographical Drawings, we can provide you with the right surveying needs for any project.

Your Next Partner For Surveying Solutions

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